19 inch self check out book machine

19 inch self check out book machine
  • 19 inch self check out book machine
  • 19 inch self check out book machine

19 inch self check out book machine

  • Product No.: KS-1902SSK
  • Pixel: 1366*1024
  • Panel Size: 19inch
  • OS SYSTEM: Android or Windows
  • TOUCH: IR touch


19 inch self check out book machine

Main Function       
Self Borrowing and Returning Books
The user can check out & in books themself using the self-check out & in machine

Query and Renew
The user can check for library information and renew books

Automatic Identify
Automatically identified books with RFID
Video Monitoring
Prevent malicious damage to the machine

Background Management
Library staff can log in and check the books information of borrowing and returning
1.19 Inch Touch Screen 
2.Ticket Printer    
3. Camera
4. Card Reader
5.QR Code Scanner
6. Book Scanning
7.Voice System
8. Can recognize 10 books simultaneously
9. Automatically send reminders to administrator of books that are overdue
Performance configuration
System platform X86
Chip Intel
CPU model J1900
Thread count 4
Basic frequency processor 4
Pulse rate 2.00 GHz
Cache 2 MB L2
Bus speed 5GT/s DMI2
TDP 10 W
Memory type DDR3
Memory capacity 4GB/8GB (optional)
Store description Hard disk/SSD  (optional)
Hard disk capacity 64G,120G,500G,1TB (optional)
Graphics processor Intel® HD Graphics
Graphics frequency 688.00 MHz
The MAX dynamic frequency 854.00 MHz
Max resolution 2560X1440@60Z
Display output function Support on both horizontal and vertical screen display mode
System Windows XP  Windows 7 Windows8.1 Windows 10
Time setting To save the energy and prolong the service life, the switching time could be set. During the fixed period, the whole system automatically runs at the boot time, and stops at the shut down time, and when the machine is shut down, no any operating response and audio & video signal outputs then.
Platform introduction X86 is a general term of Microprocessor architecture which is firstly developed by Intel company. The hardware system is called X86 platform, now it is widely used in many fields such as household, commerce, military industries, servers, factories…etc.
Application field Finance (Bank, service hall, ATM)
Intelligent devices (hotel self service check in, cinema tickets vending, battery smart charging)
Education systems (science project, interactive teaching, Early Childhood Education)
Government projects (Business hall, Top up machines, self service information)


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